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Mr. Rhoades is a fifth generation auctioneer. Josh can auction your Real Estate, Estate, Personal Property, do appraisals and is available for Consulting. Originally from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania he and his family have resided on a farm in Elkton, Maryland for the last 22 years. He has conducted  successful auctions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware, offering property ranging from real estate to automobiles, antiques, and personal property. His 34 years of auctioneering experience along with a vast network of other professional auctioneers providing specific product knowledge, give Mr. Rhoades the necessary resources to make your auction a success.

  • Have Real Estate to Sell?
  • Need a Fresh Approach?
  • Settling an Estate?

Have an AUCTION!

Why An Auction?

  • Auctions create a sense of urgency.
  • A specific auction date and time motivates potential buyers.
  • Fast and timely sales with terms designed to address seller needs.
  • Custom marketing that targets buyers suited to your specific property.
  • Ability to sell your property as-is.

Types of Auctions

Auctions can be offered under the following terms to suit the seller:

With Reserve

Seller has option to reject highest bid. (Reserve Price)


Property is sold to highest bidder regardless of price.(No Reserve)

Let’s discuss the best auction method for you.

Services Offered:

  • Auctions
  • Appraisals
  • Consulting

    Serving Attorneys, Agents, Executors, Individuals                          

Real Estate Brokers Welcome

Keep your listing in place and he will work with you to get the property sold. Call for information.     

Why An Auction??

The auction method of sale is not just having property “For Sale”, it is an event that motivates buyers to buy at a specific time and place of the sellers choosing.  It creates an atmosphere of urgency. **

Why is an Atmosphere of Urgency important?   

The atmosphere of urgency eliminates the buyers practice of waiting to see if the seller will lower the price over time.  An auction event brings serious buyers to the market place providing fair market value and a timely settlement. **

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